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Creatives switch from Smash to Picflow because it provides a better client experience with branded galleries and proofing workflows. Here’s why we think you should make the move too.

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A quick summary

Smash is a popular choice for quick file sharing, especially when the primary need is to send files. It's ideal for those one-time, simple exchanges where collaboration and client interaction aren't necessary.

However, when your projects demand more than just sending files – when they require ongoing collaboration, feedback, and an approval process – Picflow emerges as the superior solution. Unlike Smash, Picflow is specifically crafted for creative professionals who need a dynamic platform for their entire workflow. Picflow offers a seamless online gallery experience, from simple file transfers to collaborative projects.

We hope your search for a better Smash alternative ends here.

The Ideal Picflow Customer

  • You’re a creative professional, or you work in the creative industry.

  • You're looking for a solution that offers more than just transferring files.

  • You regularly collaborate with clients and colleagues on visuals.

  • You care about improving your workflow and streamlining feedback in one platform.



Feature Requests

Sharing & Security

Private Galleries
Embed Gallery
External Reviewers

Proofing & Workflow

Version Control
Approval Status
Approval Limits
Color Labels
Custom Labels
Review Filter

There is more: We’ve only listed some unique Picflow features that you can’t find on Smash.

What You Can't Do With Picflow

  • We currently only support visual file formats such as images and video.

  • Coming soon: Uploading and collaborating on PDFs is already in the pipeline. Upvote Feature

Product visual of file sharing platform Smash (

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