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Behind the simple interface, Picflow offers a feature-rich platform for creative workflows. Try it out yourself.

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Reviews & Workflow


Let visitors favorite images by clicking the star icon and manage their favorite list.


Allow visitors to write feedback on your images. You can reply to comments and send Emojis for a smooth messaging experience.

Image Annotations

Allow collaborators to draw their feedback and ideas directly on your images using simple annotation tools.

Approval LimitsSOON

Define how many images can be approved for the final selection. You can also allow clients to exceed that limit.

Approval Flags

Let visitors mark images as "Approved" or "Rejected" using flags.

Color Labels

Allow collaborators to add one of five different color labels to an image.

Custom Labels

Rename color labels and hide those you don't need. You can also have different labels for each gallery.


Upload and transfer your RAW images with Picflow. We support all common file types (i.e. DNG, CR2, NEF, ...).

Version History

Upload new image versions and keep track of revisions rather than having multiple versions as individual files in your galleries.

Copy Filenames

Quickly find images in your favourite editing software like Lightroom or C1 by copy/pasting filenames of your current Picflow selection.


Sort the images in your gallery by capture time, filename and feedback type.

Selective Download

Besides downloading single images or the whole gallery, you can also selectively download by your active filter or multi-selection.

Track Activity

Track and stay on top of all activities in your gallery. See if someone viewed, downloaded or reviewed an image.

Notification Digest

Choose how often you want to get updates from Picflow. We'll group all client activities to keep your inbox clean.

Email Notifications

With our email updates, you stay in the loop of everything that's happening in your galleries. Of course, you can also turn it off.

Review Filter

Find reviewed images quickly in the Advanced Mode by choosing favourited, commented or every other review filter available.

Bulk Actions

Save valuable time with Bulk Actions: Multi-select, re-arrange and update the review status of multiple images at once.

PDF Export

Create an export as a PDF of the whole gallery or just a specific filtered view. In case you need to print it out – we've got you covered!

Password Protection

Add a password to your gallery for better protection. You can remove and change the password at any time.


Share gallery links that expire after a specific time. The gallery is still accessible to you, and only the shared links will stop working.

Identify Visitors

Require visitors to identify themselves via name and email before accessing the gallery for improved activity tracking.

Project Folders

Keep your dashboard clean by creating folders. Use folders to organize and group similar shoots like portraits or weddings.


Protect all your images being misused by applying custom watermarks on them.

Image Search

Do you know which image you're looking for? Find single images or a group of images by typing the filename into the search field.

View Density

Update the appearance of your dashboard by switching between different views.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Get work done faster with 25+ shortcuts that help you blast through all images and reviews.

Settings Presets

Create custom presets for different project types and easily apply them to a new gallery. You can also set default settings.

Gallery Designer

Layout Style

Switch between different layout options like horizontal, vertical, or standard grid.

Layout Width

Control the width of your layout from fixed values to full width, which always scales to the maximum width of the screen.

Image Controls

Control the appearance of your images by intuitively adjusting a slider to change image sizes and spacings.

Content Sections

Design and split up your gallery into different images sections, add text or embed media.

Title & Text Section

Add titles and descriptions to your galleries to split up images into different sections.

Embed Section

Easily embed videos, music or social posts from your favourite platforms to enrich your galleries.

Album SectionSOON

An Album section can hold multiple sub galleries to better organize larger projects and shoots.

Embed Gallery

Simply copy the embed-code and embed your Picflow Gallery on your own website.


Upload Your Logo

Add your logo to client galleries. It will appear on the page footer, in the centre when the page loads, and soon also in your email templates.

Custom TypographySOON

Choose a font that matches your brand or create a unique style for every gallery.

Contact & Social Links

Upload your logo and add your preferred contact options – because every visitor is a potential lead!

Add Your Domain

Connect your domain or subdomain like (gallery.yourwebsite.com) for a professional and branded look.

Button StylesSOON

Update the appearance of buttons by choosing rounded, square or pill-shaped styles. You can also define their color.


Unlimited Images

Upload and share as many images as you want; there is no limit on the number of images – even on our Free plan.

Unlimited Traffic

There is no restriction on traffic and bandwidth. Get as many views as you want from all your galleries.

No Advertisement

We do not run any display ads or other types of advertisements on your galleries, even in trial mode.

Never Expires

Your galleries are always online and available as long as you want and are an active Picflow user.

Made for Pro's

Picflow is made by and built for creative professionals around the world to improve the workflow of photographers.

Mobile Ready

Picflow is designed to work on all devices and adapts responsively to every screen size, including tablets and mobile.

Free Trial

Make sure that Picflow is the right fit for you before starting your subscription. Test drive all plans for free – no credit card required upfront.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing plans are all-inclusive and transparent. There are no surprises or hidden multi-year contracts which lock you into the service.

Social Login

For additional ease of use and security, you can access Picflow using your Google account and soon also with your Apple ID.

Continuously Improving

We are actively working to improve Picflow every day by adding new features and increasing performance and security.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Your images are hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure powered by AWS, ensuring fast delivery anywhere in the world.

GDPR Compliant

Picflow is Swiss made, EU hosted, GDPR compliant and provides enhanced protection features such as SSL, SSO and Encryption.

Latest Technologies

Picflow is built to work on all modern browsers and devices and uses the latest technologies for the best experience.

Help & Support

Knowledge Base

Find detailed articles and guides designed to help you get the most out of Picflow: help.picflow.com

Live Chat

Chat with a Support Agent to quickly resolve an issues you might have. Live Chat is available during weekdays and office hours.

Email Support

Can't find the answers you're looking for in our Help Center? We'll get you covered. Just shoot an email to: help@picflow.com

Priority Support

Your workflow has no time for downtime. That's why we move customers on our paid plans plans to the front of the queue.

Feature Requests

Is an important feature missing for you? Write a feature request and let us know how we can improve Picflow: picflow.com/feedback

Bug Reports

You can send us a bug report for any issue you might have. We’ll do our best to resolve it quickly: picflow.com/bugs