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The Best WeTransfer Alternatives for Photo and Video Sharing

Are customers tired of ZIP files? We’ve got you covered—in this article, we dive into six of the best options for sharing your photos and videos that address common WeTransfer limitations, like the lack of sharing and collaboration tools.

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Helpful Summary

  • Overview: We discuss the key features of six file-sharing alternative WeTransfer tools for professional photographers and creatives.

  • Why you can trust us: Over 10,000 creatives, agencies, and brands trust us for their photo and video management and sharing needs.

  • Why this is important: Compare the features of other file-sharing vendors to decide whether their offerings will cater to your specific needs.

  • Action points: Our top six picks are Picflow, TransferNow, Box, Smash, pCloud, and GoVisually.

  • Further research: Check out our WeTransfer Comparison Page for a direct feature comparison with Picflow.

Looking for the Best WeTransfer Alternative for Photo and Video Sharing?

WeTransfer is a file-sharing service that allows users to send large files around the globe. It's handy for professional photographers because it simplifies sending high-resolution images and large creative files to clients or collaborators. 

However, while WeTransfer is excellent for transferring files, creative professionals need more than a “ZIP dumping” tool when collaborating on projects and gathering feedback.

In this Picflow article, we dive into the world of file-sharing platforms. We discuss six of the best WeTransfer alternatives and discuss the features they offer that support pro photographers and creatives.

Let’s get started.

Why Listen To Us?

NAAt Picflow, we support more than 10,000 creatives with tools for Client Proofing, asset sharing, and digital file storage. Our team has tested tons of file-sharing platforms over the years, and we’re here to bring you the best of the best.

What Is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service that allows users to send large files up to 2 GB for free.

It offers a seamless, no-signup-required experience for both the sender and recipient, making it a popular choice among those looking to quickly and easily share files. With its sleek interface and fast transfer speeds, WeTransfer has become a go-to solution for individuals and businesses alike.

But it’s not a perfect tool.

Why Explore WeTransfer Alternatives?

WeTransfer may be popular, but there are some aspects of it that users are unhappy with. Next is a summary of some common complaints based on app review sites like Trustpilot and GetApp that may cause people to look at competitors.

  • Lack of Collaboration Tools: You can only use WeTransfer to send files—there’s no option for collaboration like real-time editing or commenting.

  • Limited Storage: Free accounts only have 2 GB of storage, which can quickly become insufficient for those who regularly need to transfer large files. 

  • Transfer Speed: Some users have experienced slow upload or download speeds with WeTransfer.

  • Security and Privacy Concerns: While WeTransfer does offer secure file transfers, some creatives will need more robust security features.

What to Look for in a Good WeTransfer Alternative

In addition to avoiding a platform with small file size limits, poor security measures, and unintuitive navigation, consider the following:

  • Collaboration features like commenting and version control

  • Sufficient storage space

  • File recovery options and backup capabilities

6 Best WeTransfer Alternatives

  1. Picflow

  2. TransferNow

  3. Box

  4. Smash

  5. pCloud

  6. GoVisually

1. Picflow

Best WeTransfer AlternativesPicflow is a modern online collaboration platform for creative professionals, photographers, designers, and marketers. We facilitate media sharing, proofing, and transferring through a secure and intuitive interface.

With a focus on enhancing the workflow of creatives, we're the best WeTransfer alternative for professional photographers and creatives looking for more specialized functionalities.

Key Features

  • Sharing and Collaboration: We offer multiple sharing options with granular permissions control, allowing users to invite collaborators, share secure links, or embed galleries on external websites.

  • Unthrottled Downloads/Uploads: We offer unthrottled upload and download speeds regardless of your plan. We ensure swift media delivery to clients to meet tight deadlines without limits to image and video file sizes.

  • Security: Our security and privacy features include password protection and feedback tracking to identify visitors. We also use 256-bit SSL/TLS 1.2 encryption to protect data.

  • Watermarking: Superimpose a custom image watermark to maintain control over the distribution of your original work.

  • Connect Your Domain or Subdomain: Personalize your media-sharing experience by connecting your own domain or subdomain to our platform.

  • Gallery Designer and Customization: Create visually appealing galleries with customizable layout options, enabling creatives to showcase their work in a manner that best represents their style. Users can upload images, choose layout styles, add text, and even incorporate third-party embeds.

  • Annotations and Feedback Tracking: Our annotation tools allow collaborators to draw directly on photos and videos, providing clear and specific feedback. This feature and feedback tracking capabilities allow creatives to manage revisions and approvals easily.

2. TransferNow

Best WeTransfer AlternativesTransferNow's high file size limits—up to 5 GB, extended storage, customization, and multilingual support—make it a great alternative to WeTransfer. Personalizing the download page can help creatives maintain their brand identity when delivering work to clients.

Key Features

  • Extended File Storage: The platform offers extended file storage options, which means that files can be kept available for download for longer periods compared to other services, providing more flexibility for both senders and recipients.

  • Account Features: For users who create an account, TransferNow offers additional features like contact management, transfer history, and the ability to resend or delete transfers, providing enhanced control over file management.

  • Security: TransferNow emphasizes security with password protection for shared files and the option to set expiration dates for links, ensuring that sensitive information stays secure and accessible only for the intended duration.

3. Box

Best WeTransfer AlternativesBox offers a secure and versatile environment for managing, sharing, and collaborating on creative content. Its emphasis on security, productivity, and ease of use makes it an excellent WeTransfer alternative for more than just basic file transfer functionality. With Box, photographers and creatives have a powerful tool to support their projects from conception to delivery.

Key Features

  • Preview Over 120 Different File Formats: Box users can preview over 120 file formats without downloading, which is particularly beneficial for creatives who work with various media types.

  • Advanced Security Controls: Box provides advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, and complete information governance, which are important for professionals handling sensitive content.

  • Simplified Workflow: The service lets users automate repeatable workflows that are key to their business, like approvals and feedback requests, so they can focus on creating their best work.

4. Smash

Best WeTransfer AlternativesSmash is designed to be a fast, secure, and user-friendly platform for sending and receiving “(super) big files.” It stands out with its promise of no size limits for file transfers, making it an ideal option for frequent work with large media files.

Key Features

  • No File Size or Number Limit: Smash allows users to send files without any size or number limit, which is important for photographers and creatives who often work with high-resolution images and videos that can be pretty large.

  • Real-time Tracking of Transfers and Downloads: Users can track their transfers and downloads in real-time, providing visibility and control over the distribution of their work, which is essential for managing client relationships and project timelines.

  • Customization: Users can personalize their file transfers with custom URLs, logos, wallpapers, and promotional pop-ins, offering a unique opportunity to enhance brand visibility and make a strong impression on clients.

5. pCloud

Best WeTransfer AlternativespCloud is a suite of media management tools that allow users to resize, compress, and send media content directly from the cloud. The platform also offers a browser extension called pCloud Save, which lets users save images directly from the web to their pCloud drive.

Key Features

  • File Versioning: pCloud's file versioning capabilities enable photographers to access and save multiple edits of their projects—valuable for tracking revisions over time.

  • No File Size Limits: Unlike many cloud storage services, pCloud does not impose any file size limits, allowing photographers to upload high-definition images and videos without worrying about hitting a cap.

  • RAW Image Compatibility: pCloud fully supports RAW images, which is important for photographers who prioritize image quality and require a cloud service that can handle their high-resolution files.

6. GoVisually

Best WeTransfer AlternativesGoVisually integrates with over 3,000 apps to improve team collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance functionality. Some project management and communication tools GoVisually integrates with include Zapier, ClickUp, Trello, and Asana.

Key Features

  • Online Proofing and Approval: GoVisually streamlines the review and approval process, especially for visual content. It allows users to leave precise feedback directly on images and videos, which can significantly speed up the approval cycles.

  • Customizable Due Dates and Notifications: Photographers can set customizable due dates for reviews and benefit from notification and reminder features to keep track of feedback and revisions.

  • No Sign-up Required: One of the most user-friendly features of GoVisually Share is that it doesn't require users to sign up or provide an email address to share files. This simplifies the process, making it quicker and more efficient for both the sender and the recipient.

Picflow Is the Best WeTransfer Alternative for Photos and Videos

WeTransfer is a great tool—but it isn’t designed for creative workflows.

Picflow’s user-friendly interface, combined with powerful customization and feedback tools, positions us as an ideal choice for professionals seeking a more tailored and efficient way to manage their creative projects.

Are you ready to make the switch to Picflow? Sign up for free today.