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About Pixieset

Founded in 2013, Pixieset has grown to become a key player in the photography industry, offering a comprehensive and streamlined solution for photographers worldwide. This cloud-based platform allows for creating and sharing online photo galleries. Pixieset stands out for its commission-free pricing, enabling photographers to sell their photos online as digital or print products and print them at their own lab without incurring additional costs. The platform caters to a wide range of photographers' needs, from photo delivery and print sales to website development, contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, and payment collection, making it an indispensable tool for managing a photography business. Its intuitive design, secure environment, and diverse functionalities, including the ability to create unlimited galleries and track orders and favorites, make Pixieset a popular choice for photographers seeking a comprehensive, professional, and user-friendly platform for their business​​​​​.

Pixieset Pricing

Pricing details and plans of Pixieset (pixieset.com)
Free Plan
Free Trial
Card Required
Moderate Pricing

All paid Pixieset pricing plans from Basic upwards offer commission-free sales, incrementally more storage, and video minutes.

  • Free Plan: Offers 3GB of photo storage, unlimited galleries, an integrated gallery storefront, and online payment acceptance with a 15% commission fee.

  • Basic Plan ($10/monthly): Increases storage to 10GB, adds 30 minutes of video upload, domain connection, Pixieset branding removal, custom branding, and commission-free sales.

  • Plus Plan ($20/monthly): Provides 100GB of storage and extends video upload time to one hour.

  • Pro Plan ($50/monthly): This popular plan offers 1TB of storage, 2 hours of video upload, and additional features like automatic fulfillment and coupons.

  • Ultimate Plan ($50 monthly): For the most demanding users, it provides unlimited storage and 5 hours of video upload, with the same features as the Pro Plan.

Pixieset Reviews

  • "I have used Pixieset for almost 7 years. It has been my go-to for delivery of client images, and I plan to use it for many more years to come." Source

  • "Best online tool for photographers I have ever used! Simple, slick, and sophisticated, I would recommend Pixieset to any photographer." Source

  • "The integrated galleries with customers database, calendars and everything is fantastic." Source

  • "Website is full of errors and almost impossible to find on Google" Source

  • “Nice looking templates, at first glance, until I have been trying to get some simple help, and anyone who responds seems only to want to send you links.” Source

  • "If your client places an order and is unhappy with the products they receive, be prepared for Pixieset to be of little to no help in resolving the situation." Source

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Pixieset FAQs

What is Pixieset?

Shootproof is a website designed for photography studios. It helps photographers make customized photo galleries with various image sizes, effects and themes. How to download photos from Shootproof?

Is Pixieset free?

Pixieset offers a free plan with 3 GB of storage.

Does Pixieset have an App?

No, Pixieset does not have an app. It's only possible to use Pixieset on the mobile website.

How much does Pixieset cost?

Pixieset offers 4 different paid plans and a limited Free Plan with 3GB storage. The Basic Plan costs $10/month and offers 10GB of storage. The Plus Plan costs $20/month and offers 100GB of storage. The Pro Plan is $30/month and offers 1 TB of storage. The Ultimate Plan is $40/month and offers unlimited storage.

How to cancel my Pixieset subscription?

To cancel your Pixieset account, go to your Account Settings (Click your Profile Picture -> Billing), click on Change Plan. On the next page, click Cancel Subscription.

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