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PhotoShelter vs ShootProof: Which Client Gallery is Better in 2024?

Which Client Gallery is right for you — PhotoShelter or ShootProof? In this PhotoShelter vs ShootProof comparison we’ll go through their pricing, features and alternatives so you can make the right decision.

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PhotoShelter is a digital asset management (DAM) solution catering to photographers, offering tools for storing, organizing, and sharing content. As a cloud storage service, it also functions as a website and e-commerce platform, enabling photographers to upload high-resolution images, organize them into galleries, and sell prints or license digital downloads​​​​.

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ShootProof is a versatile online platform designed for photographers, offering a suite of tools for gallery sharing, business management, and client engagement. It provides an all-in-one solution that includes features for creating client galleries, managing sales and contracts, and custom portfolio sites. Notably, ShootProof offers equal access to all features across various account levels and includes mobile apps to share work with clients, enhancing the photographer's business outreach.

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Unlimited Galleries
4K HDR Video
RAW Upload
TIFF Upload
Email Notifications
Unlimited Images
Add Your Domain
Feature Requests

Sharing & Security

Private Galleries
Track Activity
Password Protection
Embed Gallery
External Reviewers
Team Members

Proofing & Workflow

Track Activity
Version History
Approval Status
Approval Limits
Color Labels
Custom Labels
Review Filter

Pricing Comparison

PhotoShelter Pricing

Pricing details and plans of PhotoShelter (

PhotoShelter offers diverse pricing plans to suit different photography and storage needs. All plans offer a core set of features, varying mainly in storage capacity:

  • Basic Plan ($12.99/month): Includes 4GB cloud storage, a custom domain, Vimeo and Instagram integration, unlimited galleries, and SEO and social sharing tools.

  • Standard Plan ($29.99/month): Builds on the Basic plan with 100GB cloud storage and client-proofing capabilities.

  • Pro Plan ($49.99/month): Extends the Standard plan features with unlimited cloud storage.

ShootProof Pricing

Pricing details and plans of ShootProof (

ShootProof offers a variety of pricing plans mainly based on the number of photos uploaded. Each plan includes mobile gallery apps and some of sales and marketing features designed for photographers.

  • Free Plan: Perfect for beginners, this plan includes storage for up to 100 photos, allowing new photographers to start showcasing their work.

  • 1,500 Photo Plan ($10/mo): A great option for those expanding their portfolio, this plan provides storage for 1,500 photos and accommodates growing client lists and projects.

  • 5,000 Photo Plan ($20/mo): For more established photographers, this tier offers storage for 5,000 photos and adds business features like invoicing and contract signing to the mix.

  • 25,000 Photo Plan ($30/mo): The most expensive plan allows for 25,000 photos and includes advanced business management and marketing tools.

Main Pricing Differences

PhotoShelter's pricing is based on the total storage that you use. The difference with ShootProof is that they offer plans based on the number of photos. Consider this when deciding, as sending 2 MB or 20 MB images can have a huge impact.

Client Gallery Alternatives

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