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Free HEIC to TIFF Online Converter

Easy to convert HEIC to TIFF online instantly effortlessly. No need for any installation or plugins for your HEIC image conversion. Just drop your HEIC image into our converter, and you can get your TIFF file in seconds without losing quality.

How to Convert HEIC to TIFF?

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Choose your desired output format for the image conversion.

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What is a HEIC?

High Efficiency Image Container

HEIC is the file extension that Apple uses for the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). It is known for its advanced compression, offering high-quality images at half the file size of JPEG. Developed by the MPEG group, HEIC supports 16-bit color, improving color representation and detail. It also allows the storage of multiple images in one file, making it ideal for sequences and bursts. HEIC is becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency, quality and its usage in iPhones.

What is a TIFF?

Tagged Image File Format

TIFF is versatile, supporting both lossless compression and uncompressed images. It's favored in professional photography, scanning, and printing for its quality retention and flexibility. TIFF can store multiple images and layers, making it a preferred format for complex image editing tasks. Its ability to handle detailed and high-quality images makes it a standard in industries requiring precision and quality.

How to Batch-Convert HEIC to TIFF?

Converting multiple HEIC to TIFF images has never been easier. Our advanced online converter is designed to handle batch conversions with precision, ensuring that you retain the quality while changing the format. Whether you’re looking to convert HEIC to PNG, HEIC to TIFF, or any other HEIC conversions, our tool is your one-stop solution. Upload your images, select the desired output format, and let our converter work its magic. In no time, you’ll have your images converted to the preferred format, ready to be used for any application or project. You can then download your new image files in a ZIP folder.

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