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We Tried 5 of the Best Client Galleries for Pro Photographers

Client galleries are a great way for professional photographers to show their work to clients. They give you a seamless way to share your photos, centralize feedback and revision requests, and manage client approval.

Michel Luarasi
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What We’ll Cover

In this Picflow article, we check out five of the best client gallery tools on the market. We cover features, pricing, pros, and cons to help you decide which one is right for you.

A client gallery is a digital space for sharing photography with clients. You can upload photos, set up password protection for private access, and provide a secure environment for clients to review, share, and download images.

Each platform offers different features that give you more control over the client experience.

Workflow View of a Picflow GalleryFor example, Picflow features comprehensive design tools that let you create a stunning image gallery quickly and easily. Control colors, fonts, logos, and more to build a gallery that reflects your work and brand.

We also offer a wide range of tools designed to enhance workflows, like watermarking, comment threads, image annotation, filters, tagging, and more. The result is a gallery that looks good, streamlines client proofing, and ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Criteria for Choosing an Online Gallery for Pro Photographers


Look for a platform that provides extensive customization features, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your galleries. This includes options to incorporate your brand elements, like logos, color schemes, and fonts.

Picflow lets you customize your gallery by adding cover images, changing fonts and colors, adding videos, text, and social posts to your galleries, and customizing the layout to really make your work shine. 

We feel your gallery should be a creative extension of your brand—and we give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Client Collaboration Tools

Image Annotation in a Picflow Client Gallery

Effective proofing workflows, feedback mechanisms, and interactive features for clients are essential. 

The ability to streamline communication and approval processes and gather client input directly within the gallery platform enhances overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

With Picflow, you can allow clients and collaborators to share their feedback or ideas directly on each photo using simple image annotation tools. Plus, you can easily track activity on every image through the Activity tab—so you can monitor progress and make sure your team is always on the same page.

Pricing & Storage

Pricing for client gallery tools is often based (at least in part) on storage. Take a look at your current storage needs and usage, then look at pricing plans for each tool that supports those needs (leaving a little wiggle room for growth).

Some tools will offer unlimited storage at a high cost; other platforms (like Picflow) offer expandable storage so that you can pay as you go, making it easy to scale up or down without disruption.


Finally, you need to make sure that the client gallery tool you choose offers secure file storage. It should have features like password protection, SSL encryption, and digital watermarking to prevent any sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands or being used without permission.

For an extra layer of security, look for a tool that also offers two-factor authentication—this adds an extra level of security to your account and helps protect against malicious activity.

5 Best Client Galleries for Pro Photographers

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s an overview of the tools we’ll cover below:

  1. Picflow

  2. Pixieset

  3. Pic-Time

  4. CloudSpot

  5. Zenfolio

Now, let’s dive into the details of each platform and explore their unique features.

1. Picflow

Product Visual of Picflow ( is a tool that helps professional photographers build stunning, responsive, client-focused galleries.

You have total control over the look and feel of your gallery—including layout, content, colors, fonts, and more. Plus, Picflow supports a range of access controls and sharing options, allowing you to easily share photos with clients online. 

With features like collaborative proofing and advanced workflows, Picflow helps professional photographers save time and increase client satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Gallery Designer: Create stunning galleries using drag-and-drop elements, customizable layouts, and more.

  • Image Annotations: Get targeted feedback through annotations drawn onto images and eliminate miscommunications.

  • Comment Threads: Field comments from clients directly on each image to organize feedback efficiently.

  • Access Controls: Easily manage access to galleries and images with advanced permissions control.

  • Video Support: Upload videos (up to 8k) to share with clients or embed them in galleries.

  • RAW Support: Maximize image quality with support for the latest RAW formats.

  • Watermarking: Protect your work with custom watermarks to prevent misuse.


Pricing details and plans of Picflow ( is available across three plans—Free, Plus ($8/month), and Pro ($16/month). Free supports two users, 2 GB of storage, and unlimited galleries and guests—perfect for hobbyists and personal use. 

The Plus plan comes with 100 GB of storage (expandable) and offers professional features like branding and password protection. Pro pulls out all the stops with 1 TB of storage (also expandable), watermarking, RAW uploads, and more for up to 20 users.

All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial to test the platform’s features out.

2. Pixieset

Product Visual of Pixieset ( makes website creation easy with stunning themes and templates designed by top-tier professionals. No coding skills are needed—transform your photos into the focal point and effortlessly build a beautiful site that reflects your brand and style.

Key Features

  • Digital Delivery: Use digital delivery to quickly send photos, albums, and galleries with custom branding.

  • Client Galleries: Create client galleries that are updated in real-time with secure sharing options for clients, plus unlimited gallery downloads.

  • Fast Setup: Getting started with Pixieset is pretty fast—just sign up, add your content, and create a website that’s ready to share.


Pricing details and plans of Pixieset ( has five plans—Free, Basic ($8/month), Plus ($16/month), Pro ($24/month), Ultimate ($40/month), and The Suite (from $28/month).

3. Pic-Time

Product Visual of Pic-Time ( empowers professional photographers with features designed to enhance client engagement and customization. Clients benefit from direct access to their galleries, creating a personalized space. Visitors can explore both public and specially selected sneak peek galleries, fostering a sense of exclusivity.

Key Features

  • Videos & GIFs: Elevate your visual storytelling by seamlessly integrating videos and GIFs into your galleries.

  • Multilingual: Enhance accessibility and create a personalized experience for clients by translating galleries into multiple languages.

  • Responsive: Optimize the viewing experience on the go and allow clients to enjoy your galleries on various devices.


Pricing details and plans of Pic-Time ( offers four pricing plans—Free, Beginner ($8/month), Professional ($25/mo), and Advanced ($50/month). Month-to-month billing will cost you slightly more.

4. CloudSpot

Product Visual of CloudSpot ( empowers photographers with the freedom and flexibility to create customized photo galleries that cater to the unique needs of each client. 

Take control of download sizes, capture visitor emails, embed videos and slideshows, and set expiration dates with helpful reminders. This ensures a personalized and efficient interaction with your visual content.

Key Features

  • Customizable Layouts: Tailor the presentation of your content for a personalized and visually engaging experience for your audience.

  • GIF & Multi-file Uploads: Infuse dynamism into your galleries by seamlessly incorporating GIFs and enhancing efficiency with CloudSpot's multi-file upload feature.

  • Digital Downloads: Empower your audience by providing easy access to your work through digital copies.


Pricing details and plans of CloudSpot ( offers 4 plans—Free, Lite ($12/month for 100 GB), Pro ($24/mo for 350 GB), and Unlimited ($34/month for unlimited photos).

5. Zenfolio

Product Visial of Zenfolio ( provides photographers with online photo gallery layouts that redefine how they share their work. 

With customizable gallery layouts, Zenfolio ensures visually impressive and tailored presentations, effortlessly delivering photos to clients. It stands out as a comprehensive solution for professional photographers who want to showcase their creativity and enhance the overall client experience through intuitive design and gallery customization.

Key Features

  • Create Galleries: Unleash your creativity by easily crafting visually appealing and customized galleries to showcase your portfolio.

  • Uploader App: Streamline the process of adding and managing your content for convenience and efficiency.

  • Hosted Videos: Elevate your portfolio by seamlessly incorporating hosted videos for a dynamic and engaging dimension to your visual storytelling.


Pricing details and plans of Zenfolio ( offers three pricing plans—Portfolio ($9/month), PortfolioPlus (23/month), and ProSuite($40/month).


Having an online gallery is important for photographers looking to showcase their work effectively. These virtual spaces serve as a dynamic portfolio, providing clients with immediate access to a curated collection of shots.

With Picflow, photographers can effortlessly design stunning galleries, choosing from various layout options and incorporating personalized touches that reflect their unique style. We also simplify the review process for clients with features like favorites, flags, color labels, and annotations. 

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