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About Lightfolio

Lightfolio is an online platform tailored for photographers, aiming to simplify how they present and deliver their work. It provides a range of customizable website templates and gallery styles, enabling users to create unique and visually appealing online portfolios that reflect their personal brand. The platform is more than just a portfolio site; it includes features for client galleries, which allow for easy sharing and selling of photos directly to clients. Lightfolio also offers photo delivery and e-commerce tools, making it a comprehensive solution for photographers looking to manage their online presence and client interactions efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and professional features make it a valuable asset for photographers keen on enhancing their client experience and streamlining their business operations.

Lightfolio Pricing

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Lightfolio's pricing plans offer a range of features to suit your needs. Each plan is designed to provide the tools necessary for photographers at any stage of their career, from free options for those just starting out to premium services for top-tier professionals.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for beginners, offering 1 GB of storage, proofing, and online sales with a 15% commission on sales. It also allows you to upload your logo.

  • Lite Plan ($10/month): A step up, this plan offers 30 GB of storage and includes 20 minutes of video uploads while eliminating commission fees.

  • Starter Plan ($18/month): This plan provides 100 GB of storage and 1 hour of video uploads. It also lets you remove the Lightfolio branding.

  • Pro Plan ($28/month): Suited for professionals with a large portfolio, offering 1000 GB of storage, 3 hours of video uploads, and priority support.

  • Premium Plan ($50/month): The most expensive plan provides unlimited storage and 8 hours of video uploads. It carries over all the Pro features with the addition of priority support.

Lightfolio Reviews

  • "I found Lightfolio to be a user-friendly tool. We can easily manage all our photos and even can share it with the clients." Source

  • "Great tool. It made direct communication with our customers much easier, showing all our galleries at once." Source

  • "Some delay to catalog certain photos. I had problems with my browser at the beginning. After I used another one, it works normally." Source

  • "Little cluttered and difficult to use." Source

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Lightfolio FAQs

What is Lightfolio?

Lightfolio is a platform for photographers to create client photo galleries, manage their business, and sell their work online​.

How does Lightfolio handle digital downloads?

Lightfolio allows photographers to sell digital downloads directly through their galleries​.

What CRM features does Lightfolio offer?

Lightfolio's Studio Manager CRM is built for photographers, offering features like contracts, invoices, booking sites, and session management​.

Can I use my own domain with Lightfolio?

Yes, Lightfolio supports using custom domains for websites and galleries​.

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