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About ShootProof

ShootProof stands out as a comprehensive online platform tailored for photographers, encompassing a wide range of features essential for both budding and professional photographers. It serves as a multifaceted tool that not only allows for efficient gallery sharing with clients but also assists in various aspects of business management. Photographers can leverage ShootProof to create and manage client galleries, handle sales, and organize contracts. Its unique approach ensures that all account levels have equal access to every feature, avoiding the need for costly upgrades. Additionally, ShootProof provides custom portfolio sites and invoice tools, enabling photographers to focus more on their craft and less on administrative tasks. A significant component of its offering includes mobile apps, which photographers can use to create engaging client experiences. These apps support up to 250 photos, feature the photographer's studio branding, and can be easily shared through social media, email, or text, thus aiding in marketing and word-of-mouth referrals. This all-encompassing nature of ShootProof makes it a go-to platform for photographers looking to streamline their business operations while enhancing their client interaction and business growth.

ShootProof Pricing

Pricing details and plans of ShootProof (
Free Plan
Free Trial
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Moderate Pricing

ShootProof offers a variety of pricing plans mainly based on the number of photos uploaded. Each plan includes mobile gallery apps and some of sales and marketing features designed for photographers.

  • Free Plan: Perfect for beginners, this plan includes storage for up to 100 photos, allowing new photographers to start showcasing their work.

  • 1,500 Photo Plan ($10/mo): A great option for those expanding their portfolio, this plan provides storage for 1,500 photos and accommodates growing client lists and projects.

  • 5,000 Photo Plan ($20/mo): For more established photographers, this tier offers storage for 5,000 photos and adds business features like invoicing and contract signing to the mix.

  • 25,000 Photo Plan ($30/mo): The most expensive plan allows for 25,000 photos and includes advanced business management and marketing tools.

ShootProof Reviews

  • "I have been using Shootproof for going on two years. It has been simple to figure out and has made providing a digital gallery to my clients simple to manage." Source

  • "I received rather good support from the service. Once you get used to the way the navigation words, it is rather easy to populate and use." Source

  • "I have had a great experience with ShootProof. I find it very easy to navigate and customize for your Photography Business." Source

  • "Went from loving it to hating it! I've used it for years, and suddenly, it all went downhill. For some weird reason, they decided to change the prices on my prints without telling me anything." Source

  • "Very Disappointing. Zero customer service. I was with them for years, and the whole system is a mess compared to what I am with now." Source

  • "Shootproof's glitchy software has LOST ME ENTIRE AGENCIES because they simply hate dealing with these galleries!" Source

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ShootProof FAQs

What is ShootProof?

ShootProof is an online platform for photographers to share, sell, and deliver their work to clients. It offers features like online galleries, integrated professional print labs, and digital download options for clients.

Can I brand my galleries on ShootProof?

Yes, ShootProof allows photographers to customize their galleries with their branding. This includes adding a logo, customizing colors, and personalizing the gallery design to maintain a consistent brand image.

Does ShootProof offer any client privacy protection?

Yes, ShootProof offers privacy features such as password protection for galleries and the ability to hide galleries from public view. This ensures that clients’ photos are only accessible to those with permission.

What are the watermark options in ShootProof?

ShootProof lets users add or remove watermarks without re-uploading, and watermarks are automatically removed for print or paid digital downloads​.

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