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Google Drive, launched by Google in 2012, is a comprehensive cloud storage and synchronization service that enables users to save and access files online. It provides a secure platform for storing a wide range of file types, including documents, photos, and videos, and allows for these files to be synchronized across various devices, ensuring access from anywhere with an internet connection. Google Drive is deeply integrated with Google's suite of office applications, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, facilitating seamless collaboration and editing in real time. Users can share files and folders with others, control editing permissions, and work collaboratively on the same document simultaneously. The service offers a free storage quota, with additional storage available through various subscription plans. Popular for its user-friendly interface and robust collaboration tools, Google Drive is a go-to solution for individuals, educational institutions, and businesses seeking efficient cloud storage and seamless teamwork capabilities.

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Google Drive offers a tiered suite of business plans that are part of Google Workspace. We're highlighting storage capabilities and other main features.

  • Business Starter ($6/month): Aimed at small businesses, this plan provides custom and secure business email, supports video meetings for up to 100 participants, and offers 30 GB of pooled storage per user. It also includes standard security and management controls, along with standard support.

  • Business Standard ($12/month): This mid-tier plan significantly increases the pooled storage to 2 TB per user and maintains the core offerings of the Business Starter plan, with an option for a paid upgrade to enhanced support.

  • Business Plus ($18/month): This plan is designed for larger businesses requiring advanced features. It boosts pooled storage to 5 TB per user and includes enhanced security and management controls, such as eDiscovery and retention, Vault, and advanced endpoint management. It also offers standard support with an option for a paid upgrade.

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