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WeTransfer is an online platform designed for transferring large files. Launched in 2009, it provides a simple way for users to upload files up to 2GB in the free version or up to 20GB with a paid subscription. Once a file is uploaded, WeTransfer generates a link, which can be shared with recipients to download the file. This link can be directly emailed from the platform or copied for sharing through other means. The service is particularly popular among creative professionals who need to share large media files that exceed the typical size limits of email attachments. Additionally, WeTransfer offers features like password protection, tracking, and customizable backgrounds in its paid plans, enhancing both the security and aesthetic appeal of file sharing.

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Pricing details and plans of file sharing platform WeTransfer (wetransfer.com)
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WeTransfer offers simple file-sharing services that cater to both casual users and professionals, with a free plan for occasional use and more robust options for heavy users and teams.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for casual users, offering a transfer size limit of 2 GB and the ability to track downloads. It includes basic WeTransfer functionality but lacks storage, the ability to request files, and transfers expire after 7 days.

  • Pro Plan ($13/month): A substantial upgrade for pros, providing 200 GB of transfer size and 1 TB of storage per person. It includes all free features plus the ability to request and receive files, use up to 5 Portals for feedback and approval, and customize WeTransfer emails and pages.

  • Premium Plan ($23/month): The most expensive solution for heavy users, with unlimited transfer size and storage. The only other difference from the Pro Plan is that it offers unlimited Portals and Reviews for feedback.

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