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About is an innovative cloud-based platform specifically tailored for video professionals, offering a suite of collaboration tools for the post-production process. Launched in 2015, it addresses the unique needs of filmmakers, video editors, and other creative teams by providing a centralized space where they can upload, share, and collaboratively edit video projects. The platform lets users leave time-stamped comments and annotations directly on video frames, making the feedback and revision process more precise and efficient. integrates with popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, allowing for a seamless workflow. It also features version control, which ensures that team members are always working on the most current version of a project. Additionally, emphasizes security and control, offering robust options like watermarking and secure sharing to protect sensitive content. This combination of real-time collaboration, integration with editing tools, and attention to security makes an essential tool for modern video production workflows, streamlining the process from initial upload to final approval. Pricing

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With varying storage levels and features,'s plans are designed to streamline the video review and collaboration process, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed whether you're working solo or as part of a larger team.

  • Free Plan: Suitable for individuals or small teams starting out, this plan allows for 2 users and offers 2 GB of cloud storage. It includes some integrations, version management, unlimited free sharing, and access to the Transfer app.

  • Pro Plan ($15/month): A step up for professionals, this plan expands the user limit to 5 and provides 2 TB of cloud storage. It includes all the features of the Free Plan, plus Camera to Cloud capabilities, 4K Ultra HD playback, custom-branded presentations, passphrase-protected sharing, and private projects.

  • Team Plan ($25/month): Designed for larger teams requiring more robust features, this plan allows for up to 15 users and offers 3 TB of cloud storage. In addition to all the Pro features, it includes team-only comments, share link expiration, and custom-branded emails, ensuring a comprehensive set of tools for efficient team collaboration. Reviews

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