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About Pic-Time

Founded in 2010, Pic-Time is dedicated to serving professional photographers with a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the process of sharing galleries online with minimal friction. It aids in profitability by offering features such as photo uploading and organizing, creation of client galleries, branding customization, and pricing options. Furthermore, Pic-Time facilitates client interaction by allowing them to compile their own photo albums within a templated framework. Its e-commerce capabilities enable photographers to combine image sharing with print sales, offering a storefront attached to the online gallery. This amalgamation of features makes Pic-Time a potent platform for photographers aiming to manage their online presence and sales effectively​​​​​.

Pic-Time Pricing

Pricing details and plans of Pic-Time (pic-time.com)
Free Plan
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Pic-Time offers 3 plans to support photographers at every career stage, each with increasing storage and features:

  • Free Plan: Essential tools for beginners, perfect for getting started in photography.

  • Beginner Plan ($8/month): Includes 10GB of storage, client galleries, and a print store, among other features.

  • Professional Plan ($25/month): Expands to 100GB of storage and adds tools like slideshows and album proofing.

  • Advanced Plan ($50/month): For comprehensive needs, offering unlimited storage, multi-brand options, and blog capabilities.

Pic-Time Reviews

  • "This platform stands unparalleled in enhancing my photography with its elegant, minimalistic galleries and perfectly designed elements." Source

  • "I've been using Pic-Time for a handful of years. I switched from another popular provider that worked well enough, but Pic-Time is on another level." Source

  • "I wish I would have switched over to using Pic-Time from my other gallery software a long time ago!" Source

  • "The last digital gallery and print marketing system pro photographers will ever need!" Source

  • "Customers find the interface sometimes difficult. They have all kinds of questions and often can't download their pictures without asking for help." Source

  • "When it comes to the process of getting an album approved between myself and the client, this software is a nightmare compared to other companies out there." Source

  • "The watermark is just an overlay and can easily be deleted. The worst? Clients can steal photos, and you will never know." Source

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Pic-Time FAQs

What is Pic-Time?

Pic-Time is an online platform that provides gallery management, sales, and marketing automation tools for photographers​.

How does Pic-Time handle public and private galleries?

Pic-Time allows the creation of both public and private galleries, with password protection and client login for private galleries.

What color profile is supported by Pic-Time?

Pic-Time supports the sRGB color profile for images​.

How does Pic-Time facilitate photo organization?

Pic-Time offers photo filters to organize and sort photos within galleries​.

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