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Smash vs WeTransfer: Which File Sharing is Better in 2024?

Which File Sharing is right for you — Smash or WeTransfer? In this Smash vs WeTransfer comparison we’ll go through their pricing, features and alternatives so you can make the right decision.

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Smash is a file transfer service that allows users to send large files. It is designed for individuals and businesses, offering a simple and fast way to share files like photos, videos, and documents online. Smash is known for its user-friendly interface, providing a straightforward way to send big files for free or at a low cost.

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WeTransfer is a file transfer service. It allows users to upload files, which can then be downloaded via a link that WeTransfer provides. The service is known for its ease of use and is popular for sharing large files that are too big for standard email attachments.

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Pricing Comparison

Smash Pricing

Pricing details and plans of file sharing platform Smash (

Smash plans are tailored to individual needs and team collaboration. From a free plan perfect for occasional use to more advanced team use options.

  • Free Plan: This option is great for individuals, providing service for one user with a transfer size limit of 2 GB and file availability for up to 7 days. It includes 256-bit AES encryption for security and allows sharing by email or link, with real-time tracking of transfers and downloads.

  • Pro Plan ($10/month): The Pro Plan caters to users who need more capacity, offering one user a 250 GB transfer size limit and extending file availability to 30 days. Additional features include transfer confirmation and download emails, customization of file transfer links, and creating a custom download page with your logo and wallpaper.

  • Team Plan ($25/month): Designed for teams, this plan supports up to 10 users and maintains the 250 GB transfer size limit and 30-day file availability. It builds upon the Pro Plan with features like transfer opening and download reporting, custom promotional pop-ins for your ads, and a custom subdomain to reinforce your brand's presence.

WeTransfer Pricing

Pricing details and plans of file sharing platform WeTransfer (

WeTransfer offers simple file-sharing services that cater to both casual users and professionals, with a free plan for occasional use and more robust options for heavy users and teams.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for casual users, offering a transfer size limit of 2 GB and the ability to track downloads. It includes basic WeTransfer functionality but lacks storage, the ability to request files, and transfers expire after 7 days.

  • Pro Plan ($13/month): A substantial upgrade for pros, providing 200 GB of transfer size and 1 TB of storage per person. It includes all free features plus the ability to request and receive files, use up to 5 Portals for feedback and approval, and customize WeTransfer emails and pages.

  • Premium Plan ($23/month): The most expensive solution for heavy users, with unlimited transfer size and storage. The only other difference from the Pro Plan is that it offers unlimited Portals and Reviews for feedback.

File Sharing Alternatives

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